Warning! Measles is on the Move..

The latest case was reported on Thursday after a woman travelled to Sydney on a Virgin Australia flight from Bali to Sydney, arriving at 7.40am on January 1.

Prior to this another adult was diagnosed after visiting multiple public places and riding on public transport across the inner west while infectious.

The patient visited a number of locations on December 23 and 24 including restaurants and shops in Leichhardt, Pyrmont and Neutral Bay. The individual had also travelled on various public transport on routes in the inner west.

NSW Health reported that this patient had contracted the disease after coming into contact with one of the other three cases reported earlier in the month.

These three adults who had contracted the disease had also spent considerable time in the inner west, visiting a number of locations between November 26 and December 15. These included:

GP clinics and medical centres in Leichhardt, Camperdown, Sydney CBD, Darlinghurst, and Bondi

Restaurants and shops in the CBD, Marrickville, Ultimo, Bondi, Bondi Junction, Leichhardt, Double Bay and Chatswood.

Public transport on routes in the centre, north and east of the city.

Vicky Sheppeard, Communicable Diseases NSW Health director, said the recent cases highlighted the importance of vaccinations.

“A highly effective measles vaccine has been freely available for many years and it is vital for everyone, including adults and children, to have two doses of the measles vaccine during their lifetime,” Dr Sheppeard said.

Symptoms of measles include fever, sore eyes and a cough followed three or four days later by a red, blotchy rash spreading from the head and neck to the rest of the body.

Measles can have serious health complications, particularly among younger children.

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