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Peer Support

The School Nurses Association of NSW offers a forum for peer and professional support and networking within the school nursing community. It encourages the sharing of ideas and support for members, who often work in isolation, as well as the exchange of knowledge and skills.

Professional Development

As a member you have access to our members only rate and priority booking for our annual two-day Conference, regular email updates, access to our term meetings, Christmas function, AGM and much more. The Association also produces members only content on our website.


School nurses in New South Wales qualify for dual membership with the NSW Nurses Association (NSWNA) and the Independent Education Union (IEU).

NSWNA represents school nurses legally in clinical matters and the IEU represents school nurses in industrial and employment matters. Nurses pay union membership fees to just one of these unions, depending on the percentage of time he or she is employed in the school setting.

Access to Information

Being a member of the Association means easy access to a single source of information. The Association notifies members of events, education opportunities and updated circulars.